Luxury Satin Print Nightdress

Luxury Satin Print Nightdress

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Luxury Satin Print Nightdress by Indigo Sky


Our ladies’ luxury satin print nightdress is ideal for those who want to look smart and stylish even by night, while feeling completely comfortable too. This nightdress is crafted from the finest type of satin available, which has been made using the charmeuse weave technique. This kind of weave gives the softest finish possible, while adding a luxurious sheen to the finished garment.

The feather print design is at once both classic and contemporary, and comes in your choice of colour option. Why not invest in two, so you’ll always have something glamorous as well as comfortable to wear in bed?

The full skirt that reaches below the knee and low cut lace trim neckline add a stylish touch as well as providing plenty of flexibility. This means no more tight or restrictive garments interrupting a lovely, long night’s rest.


  • Luxury satin
  • Feather print design
  • Lace-trimmed neckline
  • Charmeuse weave fabric

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