Cobalt Velour Lounge PJ Set

Regular price £49.00

  • Luxe velour fabric
  • Elasticated waistband & cuff 
  • Trousers with pockets 
  • Wide neckline & relaxed fit top 

Wrap yourself in pure comfort and luxury with the Velour Lounge Pyjama Set. Made with the softest velour fabric, these pyjamas will have you feeling pampered and cosy all day and night. The elasticated waistband and cuffs provide a comfortable and snug fit, while the trousers come equipped with pockets, adding casual sophistication to an everyday lounging staple. The relaxed fit top features a relaxed wide neckline, for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. So, whether you're lounging at home or snoozing, the Velour Lounge Pyjama Set is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a luxurious pyjama set.

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